Poker – What is a Bad Beat?

In most cases where a person claims Bad Beat while playing poker, it is more than likely it is due to poor play than to bad luck.

A bad beat is, by definition, where a player puts their money in good and gets called down by a player with an inferior hand for a loss. A bad beat is not where you call into a raised pot with J6 and the flop comes JK6 and you lose to a set of kings. When evaluating weather you just experienced a bad beat, ask yourself if you should have been in the hand to start with.

In turn, If you are holding KK and you limp into the pot only to lose to someone flopping nuts with J6, then this also is not a bad beat, because you let this happen.

Look at your hand, if the loss can be contributed to poor play on your part, it is not a bad beat.

Additionally, rarely can someone claim a bad beat by losing a hand all-in preflop. Leaving the hand to chance and battling blind is often more indicative of a bad beat than one player just raking in a pot preflop.

One could also say that to aptly call a bad beat, one must at least have a hand that can stand an all-in. Though this is not always the case, an all-in move is not always the hint of a bad beat.

Even when someone does bet or what is more commonly called a “all-in” there is not a reason to believe they are weak. Any time a player can take a free card is a reason to believe they have something so it is not unusual to see players raise on the turn or river, simply because they assume their hand is strong.

However, there is one exception to this rule, and it can be referred to as the “Sinking feeling”. This happens when a player has a post flop hand that they believe is not likely to be better than their current hand, and they can’t really be sure but they don’t really want to risk the money.

Sinking feeling can occur for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is when a player has invested a ton of money into a pot, and they aren’t really sure if they are stronger or not.

In chips/stack size, this is often When players attempt to take the blinds too fast. As the blinds come around every table in an exponential manner, the size of the pot up to a point where the risk of losing money is just too high.

When you feel like you are going to lose a hand, it’s not a good idea to call huge bets, as you may be beaten out. Even if this is the case, you want to save your money, as the risk of losing it all is too high.

Another common feeling that occurs after receiving a bad beat or losing a hand. This could be a little bit of both, but it could also just be a case of tilt. Stay focused, as this is usually simply a bad beat or a hand not in your favor. It can be a very emotional and tricky decision.

If you receive a bad beat on a 6iti queen and your opponent hasn’t position or a strong hand, you should consider just checking your hand. If they bet or raise, you should consider 3b betting if it’s less than or equal to your amount of chips.

A common problem that a great deal of players have is becoming too committed in the moment and not giving thought to their decisions. This is much easier said than done, but it is possible. Consider holding back in the moment and paying attention to the rest of the table. Don’t be afraid to call your hand at the end if it’s a good one, but try not to be too specific and accept bad beats as part of the game. It’s much harder to avoid bad beats than you think.

If you are late to a pot, you should consider throwing your aces in there. Obviously, they won’t win the pot, but it will make your decision easier much further than if you were playing from one of the earlier positions.

As the blinds increase, it’s important to watch the size of the chip stacks in the hand. If the board comes out with rags, you should consider just calling. Even if you have a poor hand, there will be more hands between you and your opponents in the later stages, so you might want to try just checking and playing a few more hands, to try and catch what you can.

No matter what stage you are in, you should be praying for a lot of air and pray for a lot of cards.

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