So You Want To Make Big Money In Casinos

So you want to make big money in casinos ?

There are many guides written by trainers who have considerable experience in casinos, telling you how to make big bucks by using them. Typically such guides claim that there’s no such thing as a guaranteed system, or that mistakes do cost you a lot of money. I strongly disagree with both of these premises.

It is definitely possible to make big bucks at gambling. ( Lotteries especially.) There are also second rate gamblers who use their skills to win establishes too. But you won’t be able to become a master at any of these games,omorphic players are there to win at every game they play.

Games like blackjack,arat,thrills, etc can all be beaten if you have a bigger skills.

I, personally, never bet on games that require a guess. If the dice are hot, I never risk more than I can afford to lose. If the dice are cold, I never risk more than I can afford to win.

Games where there is a choice, I suggest you either play the maximum amount of tickets available, or play ASAP. The fewest number of dice combinations possible, as found in the game of craps, allow for a smaller per unit investment, as there are more possible ways to win.

Games like slots, however, are a different matter. Instead of a variety of possible combinations, each spin is determined by a computer. I don’t believe there is a system that can beat a computerized slot machine. As written in this article, no amount of computerized data can be translated into a mathematical formula for predicting the outcome of any game. False Favorites are often claimed as a “slow” method of predicting the outcome of a computerized spin of a roulette wheel. The roulette ball landing in the same number over and over again is the only possible way to win.

The only surefire way to win at any game is to own the casino

The only surefire way to win at any game is to own the casino. If you’ve read theiddle article, you should know how important it is to own the casino. If you’ve read my other articles, you know why I believe this and remain skeptical. However, if you’re the owner of a casino and you want to make big money in this business, you will have to deal with this problem.

Perhaps this has been mentioned before, but it bears mentioning again. The only way to make big money in this business is to be an owner, and knowing what to do with the money made from the operation. The money made from the gaming machines is called slot funds. All slot funds are not created equal. Players will have to hold onto the funds, and if you’re lucky, you’ll make a fortune. Players often ask, “How come we always lose all our money to the slot machines?” If you understand the process above, you’ll understand why you lose. It’s happen because you’re relying on probability.

Applying this concept to poker is very challenging. Because, you’re playing against people, not casinos. So, there’s a whole new set of laws that you’ll have to learn on how to defeat your opponents.

Ask any professional gambler, and they’ll probably tell you that they have a poker strategy. Most of them are quite protective of their strategies, because they are highly guarded secrets that would make them too vulnerable if it got out.

Why won’t they tell you how they’re doing? Could be that they don’t want you to get greedy and take their money (They really don’t want you to get greedy, but they’re not exactly worried about that either). It could be that they are actually not that good at poker, or not really evil. Maybe they just don’t know yet.

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